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Area Information

  • 3.4 km from the Bohol-Panglao International Airport
  • 23 km to Tagbilaran City proper
  • 75 km to Chocolate Hills
  • 25 min. boat ride to Pamilacan Island Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours
  • 37 km to Loboc River Cruise

Nearby Attractions

Area Business

  • 3 kilometer(s) from Abejo Waters Corporation, a Cebu-based company that has been tasked with the development, maintenance and operation of the water distribution system on Panglao Island, having entered into an agreement with the local government.
  • 4.8 kilometer(s) from Aboitiz Equity Venture, the infrastructure unit of the Aboitiz Group, Aboitiz Equity Venture Inc. is responsible for the operations, maintenance and development of the Bohol-Panglao International Airport compound, which is located on Panglao Island.
  • 0.45 kilometer(s) from Bank of the Philippine, the first major Philippine banking company to operate on the island of Panglao, BPI is also the oldest financial institution in the country. The Panglao branch is located on the Alona Beach section of the Circumferential Road, in Tawala.
  • 4.8 kilometer(s) from Philippine Airlines, the Philippines’ flagship carrier is also one of the oldest airlines in Asia. It currently operates daily flights between Bohol-Panglao International Airport and both Manila and Davao, plus charter services to and from Seoul. It is located in the main airport building.
  • 1 kilometer(s) from Banco de Oro, the Philippines’ largest banking institution and the 15th biggest in Southeast Asia, Banco de Oro was the second bank to open on Panglao Island. It is now based in the Hennan Building, in the district of Tawala.


  • 55 kilometer(s) from Chocolate Hills, a strange and dramatic geological formation that comprises 1,268 cone-shaped hills spread over an area of 50 square kilometers. These unusual mounds range from 30 meters to 120 meters in height, creating an other worldly landscape. Located in Carmen, about 55 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, the Chocolate Hills are Bohol’s most famous tourist attraction
  • 21 kilometer(s) from Loboc River Cruise, enjoy a relaxing ride down the Loboc River on a floating restaurant. The trip starts at the Loay Bridge, just 21km from Tagbilaran City, and ends near the Busay Falls, a popular bathing spot past the town of Sevilla. Two little islets in the middle of the river provide an ideal setting for a picnic.
  • 48.8 kilometer(s) from Manmade Forest, is a 2 kilometer stretch of densely planted mahogany trees located between the towns of Loboc and Bilar. This connects the natural forests of these two towns, which feature a variety of different species of trees and giant ferns that line the road.
  • 10.8 kilometer(s) from Balicasag Island, a small and idyllic island off the coast of Panglao, which is famous for its crystal clear waters, vibrant coral reefs and colorful marine life. It is a favored spot for dolphin watching and scuba diving, and is also renowned for its exotic seashells.
  • 48.8 kilometer(s) from Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, a protected area that is dedicated to the conservation of tarsiers, one of the world’s smallest species of primate. This sanctuary covers approximately 134 hectares and is considered a popular visitor attraction in Bohol.


  • 1.00 kilometer(s) from Giuseppe Pizzeria, Deli, International, open for: lunch, dinner
  • 0.50 kilometer(s) from Shaka, Full Service, Vegetarian, open for: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 0.60 kilometer(s) from Buzz Cafe, Cafe, International, open for: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 0.60 kilometer(s) from Pilya Basta Cuisine open for: dinner


  • 7 kilometer(s) from Cristal e-College, the first tertiary educational institution to open in Panglao, Cristal e-College specializes in hospitality, tourism and maritime courses. It can be found on the Central Road in the district of Tawala.
  • 0.6 kilometer(s) from Creative Learning Center, this educational establishment focuses on providing high-quality creative learning for young children, with teachers trained by international early childhood professionals. It is located on Kalipayan Road in Danao.
  • 2 kilometer(s) from Danao Elementary School, this public primary and elementary institution is located on the Circumferential Road in Danao, Panglao Island.
  • 2 kilometer(s) from Tawala Elementary School, this public primary and elementary institution is located on the Circumferential Road in Tawala, Panglao Island.

Nearby Cities

  • 21.4 kilometer(s) from Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol province, Tagbilaran City lies on the main island, just across the bridge from Panglao. With a population of approximately 105,000 this is a major regional hub for transport.


  • 3.5 kilometer(s) from Panglao Golf Sports, covering 1.5 hectares, this two-story complex is the first major golf facility in Bohol province. It features a nine-hole mini-golf course, a driving range and a putting and chipping green. Guests can also relax at the restaurant-bar or in two private KTV rooms.
  • 3.5 kilometer(s) from Panglao Kartways, guests can take a break from the beach at this 1.2 kilometers go-kart track, which holds the distinction of being the longest purpose-built track outside Luzon. Located at Dumaluan Beach, it is only the second karting circuit in the entire Visayas region.
  • 4.8 kilometer(s) from Yoga Barn Panglao, the only dedicated yoga facility on the islands of Panglao and Bohol. This beautiful barn is situated in a lush tropical garden in Purok 2, and its open sides allow a gentle breeze to flow through the building.
  • 2 kilometer(s) from Dreamcat Marine Adventure, the first provider of professional yacht cruises on the Visayas region, Dreamcat Marine Adventure offers daytime and sunset cruises around Panglao and Bohol islands. The company can be found on the Circumferential Road in Danao.


  • 22.6 kilometer(s) from Island City Mall, this major shopping center in Tagbilaran City features a wide range of shops, including a department store, local brands and a movie theater. It is located on Rajah Sikatuna Avenue.
  • 22.6 kilometer(s) from Bohol Quality Mall, this shopping center is located Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in the center of Tagbilaran City. The mall has a department store, grocery shop, anchor tenants and three movie theaters.
  • 22.6 kilometer(s) from Alta Citta Mall, this newly-opened shopping center is located just across from the Bohol Quality Mall, on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City.


  • 4.80 kilometer(s) from Bohol International Airport
  • 23 kilometer(s) from Tagbilaran City